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Our motivation at EditingWorm is to foster an engaging and nurturing environment for any individual with a drive to succeed and fulfill their passion in life, whatever it may be. Our business is founded on the conviction that writing is at the heart of any form of social, professional, political, or spiritual endeavor. In an age that is increasingly web-based, writing continues to be humanity’s main mode of communication, evolving alongside technology and science to convey ideas and render meaning to our lives. We remain on the cutting edge of the writing evolution in an effort to facilitate the individual success of each of our clients, regardless of their background, profession, or future goals.

The wide range of services that we offer here at EditingWorm reflects our expertise in all things writing-related.

In addition to our vast resources for authors, students and scholars, our business and career enhancement services also satisfy the writing needs of the twenty-first century professional. EditingWorm is a close-knit, family-oriented company with a highly qualified team of experienced writers, editors and business professionals. Everyone on our writing and editing team holds an advanced degree in their field.

We pride ourselves on our consistently excellent services and attentive, responsive customer service.

Our pricing is designed to make our services affordable for the small start-up, solo entrepreneur, struggling scholar, or college student. In general, our rates are substantially lower than those of our competitors because we understand what it means to be on the verge of success, but not quite there yet. We strive to help you excel in your industry and make a name for yourself, your brand, or your company. Your success is our first priority.

Founder & Chief Editor

As a female business leader, I strive to inspire young women everywhere to pursue their dreams with passion and an unrelenting drive for excellence.

Katrina Oko-Odoi,


I’ve been obsessed with writing and reading since I was a young girl attending Pacific View elementary in southern California. I spent my childhood years immersed in nature and the far-away worlds of the literature I read. If you looked for me on a Saturday afternoon, chances were you would find me curled up reading in a secret garden of my own design hidden in my family’s backyard. Thanks to the encouragement of my parents and teachers, I began writing poetry before the age of ten. By the time I turned eleven, I was a published poet in several magazines for young authors. I have nurtured my passion for putting words to the page, and for literature capable of sparking my imagination, ever since. I have gone on to pursue a Master’s and Doctorate in Literature from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), while continuing to nurture my creativity by penning poetry and maintaining a literary blog. I have published many book reviews, articles, and creative pieces along the way. Animated by many different sources of inspiration, I quickly found my passion being channeled into entrepreneurship and leadership.
What I realized as a young female writer was the lack of resources and support available to promising, aspiring youth who had already found their passion in life. Whether it was a talent for the arts, or a gift for coding and web development, or even a fascination with science, my peers and I, all intelligent young women, were often frustrated by adults’ unwillingness to take us seriously. We were disheartened by the lack of avenues and role models available to us to encourage the development of our skills and talent. Fiercely independent, I paved a road for myself all on my own, continuing to write on the side as I entered college and embarked on my graduate career. During that time, I have added Spanish language and Latin American literature to my repertoire, deepening my understanding of this literary and linguistic sphere by studying and traveling throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
Having served as a source of support and encouragement for my peers and younger students ever since I can remember, it was during my years as a graduate student that I realized how to best fulfill my passion. I noticed there was a need for personalized, hands-on support of young students and aspiring leaders to help guide them in their path towards professionalization. As my own path launched me from academia into the private sector, I discovered the looming divide that exists between the worlds of higher education and business. Having one foot firmly planted in each sphere, I founded EditingWorm with the goal of bridging the daunting gap between academia and the private sector. Since our launch in 2011, EditingWorm has taken on a life of its own and grown in exciting directions that allow for our engagement with high school and college students, young entrepreneurs and leaders, as well as graduate students, scholars, and aspiring and published authors around the world. I look forward to seeing where the future takes us, and to being inspired by my job every day.
Keep writing,
Katrina Oko-Odoi, PhD
Founder and Chief Editor